Our History

The Beginnings of Our Conversation

In November, Pastor Leighton David Smith, a Christian Business man on Wall Street, started a bible study with 5 people in his office at 5 Beekman Street, in downtown Manhattan, NYC.

The hand of the Lord was upon him and the bible study grew steadily. It was at that point, after prayer and Godly counsel, Pastor Smith decided to start a Church, Faith Evangelistic Ministries, with his small office as the sanctuary.

The fledgling congregation met in many locations, until by divine appointment the Lord led Pastor Smith to a space located at 90 Williams Street in downtown Manhattan, in the heart of New York City’s Financial District.

Several years after Pastor Smith started Faith Evangelistic Ministries, also commonly referred to as the Wall Street Worship Center, he read about the Fulton Street Revival. In his studies Pastor Smith discovered that God doesn’t do anything by accident. The place that he planted Faith Evangelistic Ministries home of the P.H.D an acronym used by Pastor for Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance proved to be fertile ground.

History of the Wall Street Revival

In 1857 a business man named Jeremiah Lanphier was filled with a burden for the lost in New York City specifically downtown Manhattan. He prayed and passed out fliers inviting everyone in the area to come to the 3rd floor of the Old North Dutch Reform Church on Fulton Street from 12pm to 1pm on Wednesdays.

When Wednesday 12pm came no one had showed up. Fueled by faith Lanphier pressed on believing God called him to this work. He got down on his knees and began to pray, 30 minutes later 5 people arrived and the prayer meeting began. As the meeting continued week after week more and more people began to attend.

These individuals also went on to start prayer meetings at their church. A revival had begun as men and women in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Washington D.C. met for prayer. By 1859 some 15,000 cities in America were having downtown prayer meetings everyday at noon and thousands were brought to Christ. To think all of this began with a businessman meeting with 5 people in downtown New York City.

This bit of history served as a confirmation to Pastor Smith that he was fulfilling the call that God had put on him. It encouraged him to trust God no matter where the vision led. We at Faith Evangelistic Ministries don’t take our location for granted and know that God is really up to something.